Mold Removal West Palm Beach, Dry Ice Blasting Process

22 Jul

Dry Ice Blasting for Mold Removal
Out with Mold in with the New Technology

A Mold Removal clean like you never seen before. With Dry Ice there is no secondary waste to have to clean up and dispose of. Can get in to tight places.

In a typical attic over a normal house, to get rid of the mold with traditional methods it would take 4 to 5 men 5 to 7 or even 8 days. With dry Ice blasting it would require only 2 men 1 in the attic and 1 out 2 to 3 days to accomplish a much better job.

With the old methods (sanding, wire brushes, grinding wheels) of removing mold from the building’s framing, cement block, brick, or mortar you were lucky if you could be 85% effective with Dry Ice Blasting you can be at 99% to even 100% effective at Removing the Mold.

The Production Rate when using Dry Ice Blasting over the old methods is 5 or 6 times more production. We can take on much larger projects using Dry Ice Blasting then we could ever hope to do using traditional methods, with a much better, faster and less expensive outcome.

What does this mean to our clients and insurances companies? Lower Costs, Faster Completion, Better Results, and Less Interruption to ongoing business, and getting families back to the normal life style with a lot less stress for everyone involved.

For the Best Mold Removal Experts in West Palm Beach to Boca Raton & Delray Beach, call us 561-541-5641 for Free Mold Inspection and 24/7 Emergency Service.

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