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West Palm Beach Mold Removal via Homeowner’s Insurance

3 Sep

Click Here for Mold Removal in West Palm Beach to Boca Raton

Click Here for Mold Removal in West Palm Beach to Boca Raton

Mold Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage in West Palm Beach & Boca Raton & Delray Beach via Restore & More LLC Mold Removal Company…

Moisture, humidity, and inappropriate ventilation – these are the main reasons for the growth or infestation of mold. Mold growth is one of the commonest household hazards that homeowners and businesses alike face today. The issue of mold infestation cannot be ignored as it can lead to many different types of health problems. That’s why you need to ask yourself – does my insurance policy cover mold? Usually, standard homeowner’s insurance policies do not provide coverage for mold. If your standard policy excludes mold, you need to get a separate policy for mold insurance coverage. However, where do you look?

Well, there is good news. MICRO (Mold Inspection Consulting and Remediation Organization) and Restore & More, LLC. (Mold removal in West Palm Beach) has partnered with an international insurance brokerage firm to provide our customers with some of the best and most cost-effective insurance solutions for mold coverage. (Mold removal in Boca Raton) The insurance firm we have partnered with has a sound reputation in the industry with experience spanning as far back as 25 years. Homeowners can attain these policies from within any of the fifty states (Mold removal in Delray Beach).

Our main goal is to provide clients with the best insurance products for mold to reduce exposure to environmental liabilities because mold infestation can lead to many health issues. Since mold repair costs are on the rise, the best solution for homeowners is to get mold insurance coverage as quickly as possible. The homeowner’s mold insurance policy provided by MICRO includes mold related damage, mold inspection, mold cleanup, and complete damage restoration.

If you have any doubts about these policies, we also offer a free quote; send us your specific requirements to request a quote. Don’t worry; this mold homeowner’s insurance quote comes to you free of cost. Our main goal of providing you with a free quote is to help you to make a well-informed decision. MICRO never keeps its clients in the dark. We strive to keep every matter transparent to prevent future discrepancies and to help you get excellent value for your money. Call us now at (888) 813-MOLD.




Mold Removal Experts Help Moldy Homes West Palm Beach to Boca Raton

13 Aug

Black mold in homes has been widely discussed everywhere but what should we worry about? Is Mold removal in West Palm Beach to Boca Raton & Delray Beach, Florida really necessary or is it mainly all just a bunch of phooey?

Mold Removal West Palm Beach to Boca Raton & Delray Beach

Mold Removal West Palm Beach to Boca Raton & Delray Beach

One of the more difficult parts of mold removal is removing the original source of moisture where is the required for the mold to grow. Black mold removal is something where people need caution and care with because black mold is extremely toxic. So, proper mold removal is no easy adventure, and the illnesses and health maladies caused by mold shouldn’t be taken lightly at all.

Mold removal experts in West Palm Beach are important to maintain everyone’s’ health and to ensure careful protection and physical consideration to the materials upon where the molds were discovered. Black mold removal is so essential because it is responsible for such a large variety of health problems. Mold removal experts working in moldy homes can be very dangerous if the mold spores are inhaled, especially when affected objects & surfaces in the home are scrubbed and brushed off.

This is what makes mold removal a toxic dangerous process, is that the mold is being capable of causing health concerns in the cleanup process. The key to successful & effective mold removal is to create an environment which is extremely hostile to mold. Mold removal is essential and must be performed right in order for your home to once again return to be a healthy place where to live. If mold in your kitchen or bathrooms has been discovered, you do not have to panic, as some mold removal jobs are not quite as involved or complicated.

Mold in homes is one of the most common problems faced by American homeowners. The occupants of the house where mold removal is performed must be properly protected from any issues hazardous or not that they may experience during the mold remediation process. Proper mold removal experts in Boca Raton & Delray Beach are essential in this process to protect the health risk of those who reside in the affected areas requiring attention.

Black mold removal is something we all need to be very careful about, as it is highly toxic & is responsible for so many medical concerns. Because of this, mold removal is a vital job which demands thorough and highly effective solutions to cease and eradicate mold in your home, fully.  If you & your family have any of these severely affected moldy home conditions, you should completely leave the location as mold removal is being performed. House mold removal is relatively simple but it involves a fair bit of elbow grease, hard work and toxic dust.

Mold removal is not only merely a technical or highly specialized service, but also it truly is an especially an artful application of science, as well.  The mold cleanup process was never so easy and what you have to do is just carefully pick who are your mold removal experts in West Palm Beach & Boca Raton areas. This is the reason why mold removal is most important towards restoring your home back to its original state of clean. So, home mold removal is important for your health and the well-being of your family.

The most important aspect of what we do at Restore & More Mold Removal Services in West Palm Beach is to maintain the house and keeping its occupants safe. Mold removal is often necessary for the biggest reasons. Mold in your home can create health problems for everyone in the home. Our mold removal experts make the arduous task of restoring your home condition as easy as possible, all for your benefit. The cost of mold removal in West Palm Beach to Boca Raton is determined by exactly how extensive your mold problem is and the measure of the amount of labor needed to safely and effectively remove all mold from your home.

Professional mold removal by Restore & More, LLC is required for any infestation that covers areas that are larger than 2 feet. One of the many reasons why West Palm Beach mold removal is so important is because of the benefits of removing the health risks. Mold removal is certainly complicated work and is surely a great inconvenience to anyone required to deal with it. We make your mold removal process easier to deal with and a job performed which you will not regret.

Mold Removal West Palm Beach: Mold Killing Bleach Myth

7 Aug


Mold Removal West Palm Beach to Boca Raton & Delray Beach

Mold Removal West Palm Beach to Boca Raton & Delray Beach

Chlorine Bleach (sodium hypochlorite 6%) does not kill mold.


Mold hyphae (root structures) actually grow into wood and drywall like roots. Bleach does not kill mold hyphae because bleach’s ion structure prevents chlorine from penetrating into porous materials (dry wall, concrete wood etc). Bleach stays on the outside surface, but mold has protected enzyme roots growing inside.

When you spray porous surface mold using bleach as a mold cleaner, the water part of the solution soaks into the wood while the bleach chemical sits atop the surface, gasses off. This only partially kills surface mold, but does not destroy mold roots.

But the water penetration feeds the mold growth. So you think you did destroy mold, but it just seems to come back even thicker! Mold Information from the EPA MoldSTAT Plus is a non bleach, EPA Registered Mold Killer and Mildew Removal Product.

This mold killing solution won’t damage colors, or fabrics. Kill mold without the smell or damage of bleach.

We are your Mold removal experts in West Palm Beach to Boca Raton & Delray Beach, Florida.

Water Damage Mold Removal Procedures by Restore & More in West Palm Beach

7 Aug

Water Damage Mold Removal Procedures by Restore & More in West Palm Beach.

via Water Damage Mold Removal Procedures by Restore & More in West Palm Beach.

Water Damage Mold Removal Procedures by Restore & More in West Palm Beach

7 Aug
Mold Removal West Palm Beach to Boca Raton

Mold Removal West Palm Beach to Boca Raton & Delray Beach

Water Damage Services and Procedures:

Restore & More LLC. offers 24 / 7 Emergency Services with no more than 1 hr. response time.

Once on site our technicians assess, inspect, and determine the cause of the flooding and make sure that the source of the water is stopped.

Our trained technicians then make sure that the property is a safe for the workers and the residents.

We use the latest Water Extraction Equipment to remove the flood water from the property.

Once the water is removed our technicians will remove any debris.

To insure a complete dry down Restore & More LLC will set up Air Movers that direct large volumes of air under carpets, along the floors and the walls to quicken the drying time.       
We will also provide Dehumidifiers when conditions in the house are humid and drying the air becomes necessary.

Damaged carpet and or carpet pad removed and disposed of. (We save a sample for your insurances company).

Decontaminate affected areas.

Using monitoring instruments that can detect the presence of moisture behind walls, under floors, or hidden elsewhere can you know that the structure is completely dried out.  This is a very important step in order to keep the potential growth of Mold, Mildew, and other Microorganisms in your home.

As a preventive measure we spray an Anti-Microbial on affected areas.
Deodorize and Sanitize all Affected Areas.

Sewage (Black Water) Cleanup

Contents drying, cleaning and restoration, including, documents, electronics, furnishings, closes and linens.
If needed we can pack up contents, move them and store them.    

All water damage will be Documented and Photographed for your insurances company. 

Direct Billing to your Insurance Company.

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